• Secure Coordinated Communications Improve Situational Awareness DekaTron's helps its clients evolve their communications systems to provide real-time information and analytical power on the front line of hostile environments - a battle, a firestorm, or other public emergency. Coordination of streams of secured data and voice provide leaders with the situational awareness needed to act decisively. Learn More
  • We the People Build Windows of Democracy On his first day in office, President Obama signed the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, seeking to reshape the relationship between citizens and government. Agencies are required to implement strategies to empower the constituents that they serve through more innovative use of technology. Learn More
  • Battle Communications Prevent Inadvertant Attacks The Fog of War is perhaps every military leader's greatest enemy. DekaTron's technical leadership in the use of signalling communication to prevent friendly fire uniquely positions it to address other challenges in battle communications. Our experience also enables us to quickly deploy and train personnel in these technologies. Learn More
  • Securing Business Systems Prepare for Cyber Threats The greatest challenge of providing openness & transparency to your customer is defending the computer network from attacks. While stolen information has serious business and legal consequences, Cyber warfare has emerged as tool to attack companies and governments inside their own walls. Integrated systems require an integrated security strategy. Let us show you how.

DekaTron is certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).   DekaTron is also a minority-owned business.


Reducing the "secrecy in government" shifts power from special interest and lobbyists back to the American tax payer. Learn how cost-effective technologies can be used to empowering the public - providing access to information - to influence decisions that affect their lives.


The initiative calls for increased involvement of the public in all aspects of government, from gathering idea to solve problems to increased interaction in the delivery of services. Creative use of existing technologies are central to this objective.


Increasingly, the internet provides specialized communities in which people socialize, pursue hobbies, and even work. Federal, State, and Local Governments are creating constituent communities, used to critique and contribute to the development of their programs.

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Thank you for coming to our website and for your interest in our company. Twenty Four years of delivering innovative business and technology solutions is quite a record - one of which we here at DekaTron Corporation are proud.

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Get on the Fast Track

Technology installation and deployment is often an afterthought to most developers, but is increasingly recognized as one of the most important phases of a product life cycle. With our Fast Track deployment program, DekaTron deploys technology and trains staff in the United States and elsewhere.


Diversity is Our Strength

As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business with a staff of talented technical professionals from corporate, civilian government, and military backgrounds, we embrace the strength that our diversity fosters. It is from this perspective that we offer a well-rounded approach to addressing our client's business and technological needs.